Life is like a road trip

You wouldn't embark on a long drive to an unfamiliar destination without some basic support and tools in place. A map, a compass, perhaps even a guide to aid you in finding your way.

Yet many of us dive into the abyss daily without any navigational support. We trust that we’ll know what to do and which way to turn. Most of us are doing too many things at once and rarely slow down enough to make even our most life altering decisions mindfully.

Conscious, present decision making takes time. Shouldn’t you be making the time to be there for yourself? Would you like to feel more passionately connected with the direction of your life? Can you imagine who you would be if you made yourself the priority more often? Give yourself the gift of forward motion and the support you deserve. Why not travel with a map, a compass and a guide? Make your life a spectacular, abundant adventure.

“Life is surpassingly interesting, revealing and awe-provoking when we show up for it wholeheartedly and pay attention to the particulars.” - Jon Kabat-Zinn