Wondering what coaching is all about?

Large corporations the world over have been utilizing the enormous benefits of Coaching for years.  Happier, more focused employees equal increased productivity pure and simple.  These same benefits can be put to work in your own life.

Co-Active Coaching approaches the client in a holistic fashion.  If you’re experiencing challenges in one part of your life it’s sure to impact other areas as well.  By attending to your life as a whole you can find the right balance that will allow you to enjoy the best in all the areas of your being.


Fun & Recreation

Friends & Family

Partner & Romance
Personal Growth

Physical Environment

As your Co-Active Coach I’ll with work with you to assess where you want to start and how you want to approach your transformation.  Whether you’re hoping to make broad stroke changes in the way you’re living, finally achieve your lifelong dream or just tweak the details, together we’ll draw a map that leads you through all the best places and ends up exactly where you want to be.

Once you’ve planned your route I’ll be there as you travel to help keep you on track and ensure that you honour your commitments to yourself, not to the exclusion of others, in addition to them.  As your coach I’ll help you find the balance that lets you walk the walk.